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13 oz. Dry Roasted Hazelnuts (Long/DuChilly)

13 oz. Dry Roasted Hazelnuts (Long/DuChilly)

13 oz. Dry Roasted Hazelnuts (Long/DuChilly)

  • Product Code:13 oz. Dry Roasted (Long/DuChilly)
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Take advantage of a sweeter tasting hazelnut than traditional hazelnuts.    

And how about this for you health-conscious consumers – no sodium and no cholesterol.   What’s more, this hazelnut is Non-GMO and gluten free!

Dry Roasted with no oils added!

Our premium heirloom DuChilly hazelnuts have been conventionally grown by our Holmquist family since the early 1920’s in north Whatcom County — close to the US/Canadian border. The DuChilly hazelnut is oblong shaped with a unique thin skin that is mostly adhering, which does not create as much mess as the common round ones.

Something to keep in mind for you creative culinary types — our DuChilly Hazelnut is a chef’s delight when used for roasting as the blanching process can usually be skipped.  This saves you both time and money! 

You’ll love its mild and sweet flavor.

Natural Sweetness!

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