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2 lb Dry Roasted (Ennis)

2 lb Dry Roasted (Ennis)

2 lb Dry Roasted (Ennis)

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Nice and plump! 

Ennis hazelnuts are exquisitely paired with chocolate, fruits and berries, truffles, biscotti, cakes scones, pastas, vegetable dishes and salads.

The Ennis hazelnut is typically extra-large to jumbo/giant size with a mostly adhering skin. 

This premium hazelnut is usually exported outside the United States because of its extreme size in-shell.   But we’ve taken it a step further and cracked it out of the shell to get to the rich kernel inside. When roasted it brings out a nice flavor.  

Typical hazelnut flavor with a hint of sweetness. 

Non-GMO and gluten free!

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